Access to Information

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    To access private information, two things must be met:

    • A valid ID&V check must be completed
    • A signed NDA must be in effect

    ID&V Standard

    • We will check the identity of the person signing an NDA with us.
    • This check must confirm via an independent source that all information provided to us is up to date & valid.
    • In practice this means:
    • The information we use must be in date or very recently expired.
    • The information must be issued by an independent, 3rd party.
    • The information must be provided by a government, regulated agency meeting the same or a higher standard or a person authorised to vouch for identity.
    • We must be able to prove that you provided was submitted to us by you.
    • We will destroy any identity documents as soon as possible and only keep a certificate confirming the match.

    Enhanced Standard for financial data

    • Proof of address via a second document is required.
    • Address must be verified with multiple third party sources (soft credit check is common method).
    • Sanctions, Anti Money Laundering & Political Exposure checks must have passed including adverse media.

    The majority of checks will be done by a third party at our expense. You are welcome to nominate someone else to perform the checks at your expense proving they meet the standards to perform an ID&V check.

    Authorised users for private information

    The following users have passed an ID&V check and hold a current confidentiality agreement or NDA. Please check with an appropriate agent before giving access as NDAs may only include certain access or be time limited. We also have 2 ID&V standards. This can only be updated by Sario or RhinosF1.