Access to Information/FAQ

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    1. Who performs ID&V?
      • Our checks are provided by Yoti. They’ll also share information with their partners as needed to perform the checks.
    2. What’s involved in a standard check?
      • You’ll give us your information via the google form
      • We’ll then pass your name & email onto Yoti who will send you the information required to complete the journey
      • If you have a national ID or Driving licence, you’ll take a photo of the front & back.
      • If you use a passport, we’ll ask for proof of address too. The data will be extracted from the document and compared to what your ID does show.
      • You’ll also be asked to take a scan of your face so we know it’s you.
      • The information you upload is extracted by a computer and the document checked by one of Yoti’s trained security team to make sure it’s real.
      • They’ll also make sure your photo matches the biometric scan.
      • They’ll pass the information about you onto ComplyAdvantage.
      • It’s their job to check you’re not of high risk. They do this by seeing if you are a listed PEP or under any sanctions.
      • We want to make sure you are kept safe. We may need to ask you more information if this may apply or if you've ever been involved in money laundering.
      • We’ll then get a result from Yoti, download a report from them without your ID or any photo taken on.
      • We’ll check everything matches up and if it does, we’ll add you to the tracking sheet and send you confirmation.
      • If it doesn’t match, we’ll review all the evidence you sent to make a decision. We might ask the Yoti team to explain their reasoning or review any call.
      • If Yoti or us are concerned about fraud, we may check information against the National Fraud Database or let authorities know.
    3. What makes an enhanced check?
      • In addition to above, when doing an enhanced check, we’ll ask you for an extra document to prove your address. If you use a passport, this will mean you’ll need 2. If not, it’ll be just the one.
      • The information on this document is extracted automatically and they’ll compare the information to make sure it is the same on all 3.
      • The information will then be shared with third party databases to make sure it is correct. This may include a credit check but it’s only a soft one so it won’t affect your score or any lending desicions.
      • ComplyAdvantage will also make sure there’s no adverse information on you in the general media.
    4. What if I fail?
      • If you fail, we’ll read your report to see why. We’ll then review the information we have. Yoti is only advising us what to do. If we don’t think what’s been found is a risk, we might still accept you.
      • If you’ve failed because your document isn’t clear or we can’t take it at this time, we’ll let you know what we can accept and see if you can try again.
      • If we can’t validate your information, we’ll see why. If you’ve recently changed information, like moving house, we’ll see if we can work with more proof. It might just mean trying again once you and your bank or ID issuer have got up to speed so your files are right. We can also ask the security team to check again. We’ll always involve you where we can.
    5. What if fraud is suspected?
      • I really hope we don’t ever suspect fraud. Yoti reviews failures and if you’ve attempted to mislead them then they’ll make a decision on whether to take action. If we also suspect something, we may ask them to involve us in any action or take action separately. This will involve your information being shared with the National Fraud Database and Action Fraud. This is quite serious so we hope we never need to do this. If we do suspect a crime and refer it or ask Yoti to, the NFIB will get the information from Action Fraud, they’ll pass it onto local police if there’s a valid line of enquiry, as both FOSSBots and Yoti are based in London, it’ll likely be a London police force from the UK side. It might also involve your local police or whoever is local to the document issuers.
    6. Can I appeal?
      • Some of the reviews are automated. As we’re nice, we’ll let anyone ask for a human review where an automated call was made. Some people may be covered by data protection laws like GDPR. This may happen naturally though. If we do refuse you, you’ll have up to 90 days to appeal. It may be slightly shorter depending on how long we needed to decide. We might ask you to try again, review the evidence, or ask Yoti’s security team to check again.
    7. How long does it take?
      • Not long. Yoti has over 200 staff and works 24/7. Where an automated call can be made, it can be under 10 seconds to make it. If a human is checking, it’ll still only be a few minutes before we know. A member of the FOSSBots team will then check and let you know. It can take a little longer for us to respond but we’ll try and let you know within a day.
    8. Is this hard?
      • Nope. 90% of people will pass the checks and it’s 95% automated. It works in 17 languages and over 200 countries. We even used a no-code portal so it didn’t take us long.
    9. So it’s expensive?
      • It costs us a few pounds a check. The more we need, the more it costs. This does mean that it’s more expensive to check a passport. It’s still super cheap.
    10. Is it secure & safe?
      • We wouldn’t choose them if it wasn’t safe. They meet the highest standards across the board. From ethics to security, we’re sure you can trust Yoti. They’re trusted to verify identities for banks in the UK and protect thousands of pounds a day.
    11. Is a credit check always going to happen?
      • Nope. Even with the enhanced check, this will only be done if needed. We can sometimes find information from other sources. We only need the information to all match up at one source on the third party list. If the DMV or DBS hold your information, these might also fly.
    12. Can I be switched from enhanced to standard? Or the other way around?
      • These are separate portals so you’ll need to resubmit the Yoti form. We won’t switch you without telling you. Just let us know if you’d like too.
    13. How long does it last?
      • For standard checks, we’ll issue you a certificate until your ID expires. We’ll only ask for a new check to be done if you need new access or we are concerned it might have changed. For enhanced checks, we have to review information often. You could be asked yearly. It depends on why you need that access.
    14. Can I have a demo?