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MirahezeBots projects
Miraheze Bots.png
DescriptionIRC Bot with many different commands and uses
Author(s)Zppix, Sopel developers
Maintainer(s)MacFan4000, Reception123, Zppix, Void, RhinosF1, Sario528
Source code
IssuesOpen tasks · Report a bug

MirahezeBot is a bot running the Sopel framework.
If you would like to have the Bot in your channel then join #miraheze-bots and say .addchannel
For documentation click here

For maintainers[edit | edit source]

Deploying changes[edit | edit source]

See BotProject:MirahezeBot/Deploying Changes

Restarting the bot[edit | edit source]

Login to and run sudo service mirahezebotprod restart for the Main instance and sudo service mirahezebottest restart for the test instance.