BotProject:MirahezeBot/Deploying Changes

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    To Dev

    • You may wish to bump the version number in
    1. Commit the change to GitHub
    2. Run "puppet-run" to trigger puppet
    3. Restart the bot or reload the plugin

    To release

    1. Ensure the version number has been bumped, add a release note.
    2. Merge the change on GitHub and ensure it passes CI (It will not deploy to PyPi if it fails or the version number is not bumped).
    3. Update the install list to the new version.
    4. Use "puppet-run" to sync and reload everything
    5. run "sudo -u sopel /srv/sopelbots/prodvenv/bin/pip3.7 install -U -r /srv/sopelbots/prodrequire.txt" if puppet didn't work. (It will probably tell you).