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    MirahezeBots projects
    DescriptionIRC Bot that reports wiki changes
    Maintainer(s)MacFan4000, RhinosF1, Reception123, Sario528, Void
    Source code

    StreamBotMH is a bot that reports wiki changes.
    Requests to have the Bot join your channel can be made in #miraheze-bots.

    Restarting the bot

    Run the following on bots1:
    sudo service streambot restart

    Adding/removing channels

    To add a channel, with admin access on irc in a channel with the bot say !join #channel. To remove a channel, say !part #channel.

    Adding/removing rules

    To add rules, you will need to provide a rule type. Valid types are: log, summary, all, page, and user. For all types except all, you will need to provide a pattern for what to match. To add a rule use !watch (wiki db name) (type) (pattern). To remove a rule, use !unwatch (wiki db name) (type) (pattern).