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    The following table shows the time that a Python Version may be dropped from CI.

    The information contained in here is subject to change and based on the python EOL for our EOL and end of bug-fixes (security only support) date provided via [1][2][3][4]. It was last updated 10:50, 4 February 2022 (UTC).

    Version Earliest Main added Earliest -dev removable End of Life Support end by us
    3.6 Passed Passed 2021-12-23 2021-06-22
    3.7 Passed Passed 2023-06-27 2021-10-04
    3.8 Passed Passed 2024-10-14 2023-12-31
    3.9 Passed Passed 2025-10-05 TBA
    3.10 Passed 2023-04-03 2026-10-04 TBA
    3.11 2022-10-03 TBA 2027-10-03 TBA

    The following conditions also apply:

    • We MUST support at least 3 versions of python at any one time.
    • We SHOULD support at least the version below the currently active debian default 3.x version on our servers unless Debian upgrades are planned for the next or current quarter in which case we MAY remove support.
    • We SHOULD support at least 1 release above Debian stable or if not possible, we MAY support the current pre-release experimentally.