Directors Noticeboard/June2022-1-Minutes

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    This is a public copy, actual parties should see the document issued via PandaDoc.

    Meeting of Directors & Advisory Board at 22:00 (UK time) on 17th June, 2022.


    • Ryan Knipe, Director & Meeting Chair (RK)
    • Samuel Kirwin, Prospective Director & Team Lead (SK)
    • Hasan, Business Advisor (HD)
    • Zppix, Ethics Advisor (DE)


    General Information

    • The meeting opened at 22:00 UTC+1 and closed at 22:36.
    • All parties were present for the entire period and at no point was it adjourned.
    • The meeting was deemed to be a directors meeting under Section 9 of the Articles and these minutes are issued in accordance with such.
    • The board authorised the Advisory team, who are a delegated committee under Section 6 of the Articles, and Samuel Kirwin, a prospective director, to attend.


    • "The director resolves that there are no accounts to present for the period 5th May - 17th June and therefore waives requirement to present them for that period."
      Agreed: RK
      Objections: None
      Voting Parties: RK
    • “The directors, advisory board accept the meeting schedule for the 22/23 financial year"
      Agreed: RK, DE, HD, SK
      Voting Parties: RK, DE, HD, SK
    • "Those present confirmed they had read the agenda & notices and raised no objections although it was noted that performance of multiple sopel instances should be analysed. Sygnal will be assessed as to its use as an additional priority"
      Agreed: RK, DE, HD, SK
    • " Voting Parties: RK, DE, HD, SK


    • Not Applicable

    Progress report

    • No issues were raised with the progress in the first 6 weeks.
    • DE asked about donations. RK & SK advised that it would likely happen as soon as SK starts as director due to legal complications.
    • DE asked about the reasons behind multiple instances of sopel and the performance. RK & SK advised that it was likely fine. SK & DE suggested a criteria for it being allowed. HD mentioned ansible as opposed to puppet but sopel works as badly with it.
    • DE asked if Sygnal had been removed. Discussion occurred about its origin. SK advised he would review its use. HD suggested Akismet.
    • RK asked why this is not done using meetbot. SK advised that it had to be private.


    • FOSSBots LTD is a company registered in England & Wales at 35/37 Ludgate Hill, London, EC4M 7JN under registration number 14087570.
    • For this meeting, minutes will be issued in line with the articles as if it was a standard directors meeting. They will therefore be issued within 48 hours of meeting and 48 hours will be given for feedback before they are posted on wiki. This will include a progress report issued by a nominated person on behalf of everyone and cover the feedback given.
    • The advisory board stated above is to be treated as a delegated committee under Section 6 of the Company’s articles and the authority to review the Director’s actions is determined above. The role is solely advisory and does not hold any power so no member is determined to have “Significant Control”.
    • The meeting called within this document is called under Section 9 of the Company’s articles and signed by all directors who by signing are deemed to have received notice of the meeting. Those else who are attending this meeting have been authorised to do so by the board.

    The minutes were distributed to the following:

    • Directors: Ryan Knipe
    • Meeting Parties:
    • RhinosF1 (Samuel Kirwin), Prospective Director
    • Zppix, Advisory Board
    • Hasan, Advisory Board

    Interested Parties: FOSSBots SRE & Community