Disruption Procedures

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    These procedures are in effect when severe disruption to either our volunteers or infrastructure is declared. Disruption is declared at the discretion of a founder and is likely to be done at short notice. This page lists possible criteria and what can be done. Situations where this procedure is invoked are likely to be short notice and rapidly evolving. Information may change quickly and the actions being taken and need for an incident should be regularly reviewed.


    • Severe weather causing danger to life or evacuations
    • Significant utility failures (prolonged or affecting wide areas)
    • War/Civil unrest
    • Mass Casualty events
    • Significant illness outbreaks

    Actions to consider

    Volunteer safety is the priority

    • Deployment suspensions
    • Deployments may be suspended to reduce pressure on the team and allow resources to be directed towards responding
    • Infra failovers
    • If Infra is likely to go down, consider ensuring traffic does not hit it.
    • Volunteers affected should be advised to contact someone in a safe location to ensure they are okay on a regular basis.
    • Fundraising
    • Support may be encouraged for groups like the Red Cross
    • Emergency funding
    • Emergency funds may be made available in extreme cases.
    • On the ground support
    • This is more likely to apply if we ever have in person events, on the ground support may be made available
    • NDA Section 11 Suspension
    • If there is a chance property may be destroyed or a person displaced, the board may resolve to suspend the requirement to notify of a change of circumstances under Section 11 of the NDA where needed.
    • Activity rules
    • Volunteer activity requirements may be relaxed.
    • Suspension of Access
    • Where the risk of devices being compromised or stolen is elevated, access may be revoked to ensure information remains safe on a short term basis.

    List of Events

    The following is a list of events where the disruption procedures were put in place.

    1. 2022 July Heatwave (Europe) (15 July 2022 - 20 July 2022)
      Actions activated: Deployment suspension (16 - 20 July) & Safety checks (18 - 20 July)
      Note: Incident was extended by 12 hours and instead of ending at 0900 on July 20th ended at 2100 July 20th due to an additional weather warning being issued and disruption during the day. Safety check was suspended at 14:34 following the risk to individual safety being deemed low.