Draft:Hosting Policy

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    Because of the unique nature of Miraheze Bots+Tools, it is not governed by the same policies as other Miraheze Projects.

    For definitions of capitalized terms, see “how are terms defined” below.

    What uses of Miraheze Bots+Tools do we like?[edit | edit source]

    The purpose of Miraheze Bots+Tools is to make it easier for developers, system administrators, and other technical contributors to:

    • run bots;
    • create other projects for the purpose of furthering or assisting in the advancement of the Miraheze Project;
    • Assisting the Miraheze Community to empower and further the project

    You agree that your projects on Miraheze Bots+Tools will be related to these purposes. Consult with the Bots administrators if you would like to verify whether your project is within the scope of Miraheze Bots+Tools.

    What uses of Miraheze Bots+Tools do we not like?[edit | edit source]

    You agree not to use Miraheze Bots+Tools for any of the following (“Prohibited Uses”):

    1. Illegal or harmful activity: Do not break the law. This includes, but it is not limited to, accessing other systems without authorization, accessing private data without authorization, harassing or abusing others, engaging in fraud, trafficking in unlawful material, or distributing unsolicited commercial email (spam), viruses, malware, or other malicious code.
    2. Misuse of Private Information: Do not collect or misuse private information of users, as defined in “Private Information”, below.
    3. Proprietary software: Do not use or install any software unless the software is licensed under an Open Source license without express permission.
    4. Using Miraheze Bots+Tools as a network proxy: Do not use Miraheze Bots+Tools Services servers or projects to proxy or relay traffic for other servers. Examples of such activities include running Tor nodes, peer-to-peer network services, or VPNs to other networks. In other words, all network connections must originate from or terminate at Miraheze Bots+Tools.
    5. Disruptive or abusive activity: Do not interfere with other users’ projects, by being respectful of system and network resources.
    6. Use of Miraheze Logos: Do not confuse users by using Miraheze logos on web pages, or otherwise running sites that don’t properly explain that they are not official Miraheze Projects. Use the MirahezeBots logo instead!
    7. Creation of Wikis: The use of Miraheze Bots+Tools to create MediaWiki wikis without agreement of Miraheze and bot administrators is strictly prohibited.
    8. Cryptomining: No software that is used to mine and/or gain any form of currency including cryptocurrency will be allowed on Miraheze Bots+Tools

    Exceptions to this list of prohibited uses can be requested for limited circumstances, such as testing compatibility with proprietary software. To request an exception, please submit a proposal to the MirahezeBots administrators.

    What happens if I violate this policy?[edit | edit source]

    If you violate this policy, such as by using Miraheze Bots+Tools for one of the prohibited uses, your Miraheze Bots+Tools account, or any projects you run on Miraheze Bots+Tools, can be suspended or terminated. If necessary, we can also do this at our sole discretion.

    What other things do I agree to?[edit | edit source]

    You agree:

    • That we can add, change, or discontinue the features or services in Miraheze Bots+Tools.
    • That by submitting content to Miraheze Bots+Tools, you consent to transfer and processing of that content in the United States of America, United Kingdom or European Union.
    • That we can contact you for purposes related to Miraheze Bots+Tools at the email address you gave us when you registered.

    What can and can’t be done with user information?[edit | edit source]

    You should not collect or store private data or personally identifiable information, such as user names, passwords, or IP addresses (“Private Information”) from the individuals using your Miraheze Bots+Tools project (“End Users”), except when complying with the conditions listed below. Only collect information if the purpose of the Miraheze Bots+Tools Project unavoidably requires such collection. If you do collect any Private Information, you must:

    1. Clearly communicate to End Users a) that Private Information is being collected, b) how you will use it, and c) when you will delete it;
    2. Inform the End Users that their information may be available to Miraheze, its volunteers, other Miraheze Bots+tools users;
    3. Get express authorization from the End Users for the collection;
    4. Hash, encrypt, or otherwise properly secure any Private Information you store;
    5. Purge, anonymize, or aggregate any Private Information you store no more than 28 days after storing it;
    6. Not store any End User’s Miraheze Project passwords.

    Collecting any Private Information without complying with these requirements is a prohibited use and is grounds for account termination.

    What disclaimers do Miraheze and Miraheze Bots+Tools want to make?[edit | edit source]

    While our volunteers obviously wants to make Miraheze Bots+Tools as reliable and robust as possible, all software is imperfect, and we also provide Miraheze Bots+Tools to you at no charge. As a result, we can’t be responsible if something goes wrong. In more formal legal language, this means:

    Miraheze Bots+Tools may be used as a testing or development environment, so all your use of Miraheze Bots+Tools is at your sole risk. We provide Miraheze Bots+Tools on an “as is” and “as available” basis, and we expressly disclaim all warranties of all kinds, including implied warranties of fitness for a particular purpose, merchantability, and non-infringement. We make no warranty that Miraheze Bots+Tools will meet your requirements, be safe, secure, or uninterrupted.

    We are not responsible for the content, data, or actions of third parties, and you release us, our directors, employees, and agents from any claims and damages, known and unknown, arising out of or in any way connected with any claim you have against such a third party.

    How are terms defined?[edit | edit source]

    In this document, when we say “Miraheze Bots+Tools”, we mean content or services hosted on any subdomain of bots.miraheze.wiki or tools.miraheze.wiki

    When we say a “Miraheze Bots+Tools Project”, we mean the environment that your account on Miraheze Bots+Tools allows you to use.