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    This page lists all current members of the MirahezeBots Team. These are mostly System Administrators who are responsible for the technical operation and stability of the infrastructure behind MirahezeBots but includes other roles in Community Relations and Testing.

    +/- Name & Role Libera nickname
    on IRC
    E-mail Shell GitHub Phabricator (admin) AArch console Deepsource Snyk Sonarcloud (admin) Icinga Cloudflare


    Voidwalker void at Full Root Full access on all repos (no owner access) Yes No No No No Yes No

    Director of Software Engineering

    RhinosF1 rhinosf1 at Full Root Owner Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

    System Administrator, Director and chair of FOSSBots

    Sario sario528 at Full Root Owner Yes Yes No No No Yes Yes