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    Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever. by Mahatma Gandhi

    About me

    Do you enjoy your wiki life?I don't know if you'll enjoy but I hope so.My name is "Buehl106","Buehl" is named after bureaucrat,and 106 is my birthday(I was born in 2007,10/6)I am not only miraheze user,but also twitter user.On twitter,I tweet about my daily life,friends!!Keeping studying hard is so important that effort always makes me better.Now I have good days with great people who are very freindly and quite kind to me.In high school,I belong to Computer club so I've recently started learning html while taking club activity.I'd like to be person who can live without AI's help,such as chatgpt.If you're intersted in me,feel free to join my discord server and ask me to do anything!

    日本語圏の皆様へ グローバル巻き戻し者を務めておりますBuehl106です。お気軽に「ビュールさん」と呼んでください。基本的にはツイ廃ですので「Contact me」欄(連絡先)のTwitterへご連絡いただけるとMirahezeよりも速く対応できるかもしれません。最近はできる限り浮上するようにしています。分からないことがあればどこのサイトでもいいのでトークページで質問してね!

    My work

    I work as Global Rollbacker here,miraheze.No Japanese users except some users(including me.kiju,and so on) weren't about to be I decided to be them!Usually I'm on miraheze discord server to watch vandal,revert spam quickly.However recently I don't have much time to contribute to miraheze.....It's so sad for me to be inactive........ My dream is to be Global Sysop but now it may be so difficult to me.

    Disclaimer: All advice I give is followed at your own risk. I make no guarantee that it will work as intended. Neither me nor any organsiation I am acting in any capacity for accept any liability for any action that I take.

    Contact me

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